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Blackout Curtains 100 % Sunshine Free

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Blackout Curtains 100 % Sunshine Free

Blackout Curtains dubai ?yes your are at right place because we have all types of fabrics and blackout curtains modern designs that will fulfill your blackout curtain needs and same time it will become a symbol of pride for your home we offer very good quality and affordable prices for all our products here is something you must read before ordering or taking any decision regarding your blackout curtain.

Blackout Curtains become most important thing when your live in dubai and most of us come to here to work or business and we have to work very hard all the day and after that hard working day and late night work we don’t get opportunity to sleep well duo to the poor quality window curtains or a plain curtain who don’t stop sunshine like a 100 % blackout curtains can do so it’s a big problem for you only think you can do is buy good quality blackout curtains for your bed room windows and it’s not easy job specially when you live in dubai most people will ask you go and buy blackout curtains from dragon mart curtains shops and some will say go and buy from ikea or home curtains but the think is these all option will look cheap and easy but i can guarantee you they will waste your time and money for sure let me tell you something very clear ikea and others option that i told you above they only sale your 3 metre length blackout curtains and your size is much more then this so you will buy but you will find them useless for your bedroom windows and second it is not 100% blackout curtains for sure as i am telling you duo to i have hear so many complains about these types of blackout or other curtains so it’s better you contract with some of good price and quality curtains store like https://curtainindubai.ae we will come with samples of your choice and we will make customized blackout curtains for your home, and office so just give us a call or directly send us what app message our sales person will contact with your for free visit.

Blackout Curtains General Idea by curtainindubai.ae

Blackout (fabric)
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Blackout refers to a foam-backed, opaque fabric used to black out light. Blackout fabrics are most commonly found in hotel rooms as curtain linings or drapery fabrics, blocking much of the light that would otherwise enter through a window when the curtains are closed. For travelers, third shift workers, and parents of babies, blackout is an essential element in the bedroom. Besides window coverings, other uses for blackout fabrics include wallpaper, movie projector screens and planetarium domes.

The process of manufacturing blackout was invented by Baltimore-based Rockland Industries,[1] and involves coating a fabric with layers of foam, or ‘passes’. A ‘2-pass’ blackout is produced by applying two passes of foam to a fabric – first, a black layer is applied to the fabric, then a white or light-colored layer is applied on top of the black. A ‘3-pass’ blackout is produced by applying a layer of white foam to the fabric first, then a layer of black foam followed by the third and final layer of white or light-colored foam.

A ‘3-pass’ blackout can be used as a decorative blackout curtains fabric and blackout lining all in one fabric. A ‘2-pass’ cannot be used this way, because the black foam is visible through the fabric side of the material. In addition to blocking light, blackout fabrics also insulate and have noise-dampening qualities, due to their density and opacity.

Things You’ll Need
Paint sprayer
Paint thinner
Edging paint tape
Drop cloths
Obtain a paint-spraying rig. Construction rental stores lease professional units, but you will have to follow explicit care guidelines when cleaning the rig. Otherwise, you may be charged a hefty fee for damaging the sprayer if the paint clogs the nozzles.

Thin your paint with an approved solution. Read the paint label to determine what thinner you can use. Some latex paints blend with water, but alkyd and oil-based paints need specially-formulated thinners.

Tape the trim in the room in which you will be spraying. This includes the baseboard, ceiling, cabinets and doorframes. Remove all outlets and switch covers. Use lightweight plastic drop cloths to cover windows and cabinets, taping securely to the edges.

Fill the paint sprayer as recommended and put on your respirator. Tiny droplets of paint become airborne during spraying. Without a respirator, you may inhale paint particles.

Adjust the spray paint stream to a fine mist, gently sweeping the sprayer back and forth to apply a thin coating. Cover the interior wall evenly. You may need 3 to 4 light coats to cover the wall sufficiently.

Reapply as soon as the previous coat is dry. Don’t apply too much paint at one time. The paint is still a liquid and it will run if too much is applied. Thin coats are required to achieve a professional looking finish.

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