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Made to Measure Curtains & Blinds

Made to Measure Curtains & Blinds

Made to Measure Curtains & Blinds

Made to Measure Curtains & Blinds in Dubai Getting chosen your perfect curtain fabric, with our help, you can create something fantastic and control every design element. Whether you are looking for extra long curtains or even curtains for a bay window, you can have perfectly fitting, custom-made curtains, blinds, and soft furnishings in the fabric, style, and finish you want.

Our custom-made Curtains in Dubai and blinds are beautifully handmade to the highest quality by our experienced team in Sussex. If you need a classic or contemporary design, they will be made utilizing traditional sewing techniques with great attention to detail. Once ready, they will be very carefully packaged and delivered to your door, ready to hang.

How to measure for curtains as well as blinds

Made to Measure Curtains & Blinds

We have created a handy guide on measuring curtains, which will help you provide us with the right information. If you are measuring curtains for a bay window, you can have these types as one pair or two pairs, a centered pair with a single curtain on either side. If you have any other queries or want to talk to all of us, don’t hesitate to contact us; we’d be more than happy to talk you through the procedure.

Designing Your Curtains

If you need help figuring out where to start, please review our manual on choosing the right handmade curtains below. Here you will find technical advice and style inspiration to help you create your perfect custom-made curtains and blinds.

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Curtain Fabric

The first decision is usually the curtain fabric. The beauty of getting made-to-measure curtains is that you can choose just about any fabric. We have a wonderful range of drape fabrics, including floral, silk, tartan, plain linen, and a wonderful selection of children’s fabrics.

Eyelet Curtains

Popular for a more contemporary look with eyelet color to suit your room. These can only be used on a pole and do not suit the Pelmet. They are perfect for people who wish their curtains to fold back firmly without spilling onto the window.

Hand Double or Triple Pleat Drapes

 Create a lovely formal look. Their hand-finished style creates a neat appearance and suits a pole or monitor.

Inverted Pleat Curtains

 The Inverted pleat is designed for people who require a toned finish to their curtains; it gives a more contemporary look than the double or three-way pleat and is better suited to heavier fabrics. The Inverted pleat should be utilized on a pole.

Pencil Pleat Curtains

This is a good everyday style. It is a strapping heading which means they are good value as the makeup cost is less than others. The pencil pleat does look great with a pelmet if you wish to add something extra to finish your windowpane. It can be used on a Track or Pole.

Simple Gather Curtains

These have a relaxed and soft look, and we always allow one-inch stand-up with this design. A simple gathering can be used on a track or pole and works well with materials from our English Country Linens.

Adding trimmings and comparison binding can add style and color to your curtains. We normally allow 2” for a contrast binding, which can run around all edges, the top side, and bottom, or simply the leading edge. Alternatively, you may want to use a pretty fringe, enthusiast edging, or braid to finish off your curtains. Fringe or fan edging within the leading edge works particularly well if you have a fixed curtain with a drape stagnated by a matching tie-back or holdback.


Used for two reasons a few may use them as a practical tool to hold the curtain back off the windowpane, and others may want them as a finishing touch to their window therapy. While many people have tie-backs made in a matching fabric, you can also have rope tie-backs, and these may pick out a feature color within your room or match. String tie-backs normally feature tassels and sometimes crystals, so they can be used to put a little glamour into your room. Another alternative is a fixed tie-back these are about drapes over a bed or fixed curtains, giving a very smart complete. Of course, many people don’t need tie-backs, and the curtains can suspend in place.


Pelmets are a great finishing touch to your window you have two options, the stiff Pelmet (sometimes called a flat pelmet) or a soft pelmet (also known as valance). The stiff pelmets are supplied with an MDF board and can be straight or even shaped. A Soft pelmet can be produced in all the headings barring eyelets and upside-down pleats.

A final design detail for your made-to-measure curtains is the pole. If they are not going on a track, we have a stunning range of curtain poles and finials that can be custom-made to your desired length and color. Like all our curtains and blinds, the poles are handmade in England.

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Creating Your Custom-Made Blind

Blinds are always a popular window treatment and can be either applied by themselves or teamed up with a pair of curtains. We offer two made-to-calculate blind options that provide different looks for dressing your room.

Roman Blinds Designed to Measure

These are our most favored styles by our clients; they are suited to nearly all fabric types and can be made to fit inside or outside the window recess. These handmade blinds come with covered baton and cord pulleys or a cassette mechanism and chain pulley. When our Roman blinds are straight down, they sit flat with no discernible stitching to the face of the fabric to ensure an extremely smart finish. Roman blinds can be lined and interlined; blackout lining is popular too, especially for nurseries; if you have a blackout Roman blind, you will also have them interlined to ensure no light seepage. You can include some lovely little extras to a Roman blind, such as pretty trimmings or contrast binding to create a truly beautiful addition to your room.

Roller Blinds Made to Measure

The alternative to Aventure blinds is Roller blinds. These are an option when you want to minimize the amount of lighting lost, want a very clean finish, or want to cut out the light/protect furniture. Many of our clients use blackout roller blinds behind existing curtains when they don’t wish to change the curtains but need the room to be darker. Also, we can supply sunlight blinds, which do the opposite – they are a laminated light fabric that will protect your furnishings from harsh sunlight – or prying eyes – while still allowing the light to come through. We can also have the fabric of your choice laminated and made into roller blinds.

Roller blinds

Favored by people who usually want a simple finish for their windows. Additionally, this may be a practical choice; otherwise, a very large room, and you don’t want anything too overpowering. Roller blinds are made by a special form of laminating which rules out fabrics such as velvet, crewel, and most embroidery as they cannot withstand the laminating process. Roller blinds could be blackout lined if required and operated by either a sidewinder or slower rise mechanism.

The finishing variations to your room are essential; though it is important not to get too crazy, a little complementing within your room will help to bring everything together. Many will have a few matching spread cushions, while others may use a matching lampshade or chair cushions. Once we offer a fully bespoke service in soft furnishings, headboards, and furniture, It could be a Pleasure to discuss your issues, and you can email us or call us at 0562679002.